British Columbia Personalized License Plates
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Flickr User: Philip Tong
Japanese = white dude or a Japanese person born and raised outside of Japan.

Shona (Zimbabwe) = "Love You"

Greek = "Grandfather"

Yiddish = "Dismay"

Apres 5 = "After 5" (French)

Norwegian = "enjoy yourself today"

Ethnic Philippino group

Maori = "meeting place" (marae)

Australian = mythic creature, part bat and part possum
Flickr User: ExoticSupercars
Italian = "The Bull"

Italian = "Trophy"

French = "Hello"

Hacham = a wise or skillful man (Hebrew)

A Chinese exclamation of frustration

To be happy and beautiful
in Hebrew

Kler = Clergy (Polish)

Kutya = Dog (Hungarian)

Laidir = Strong (Scottish Galeic)

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