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Flickr User: Peg Duthie
The Doctor in search of his Tardis (Police Box)!

The Tardis (Police Box) in search of its Doctor!

Grumpy; 1 of 7 dwarfs

Flickr User: Mark Faviell
Miss Eve Moneypenny
(Secretary to 'M' in James Bond movies)

The Sailor! (not the comedian)
Evil Regal. I don't watch the shown but apparently this is related to an "evil" character known as Queen Regina played by Lana Parilla (shown) on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".

Twiggy (60s British icon/character)

Lil Bo Peep

Mickey Mouse


Walker, Texas Ranger

Winnie the Pooh (Pooh Bear)

Autobot (vehicle version)

Autobot (motorcycle version)

Tony Stark (but probably a triathlete)

Bart Simpson (Episode 107)

Everyone's favorite purple dinosaur; Barney!


Thing 2 must be out there somewhere

The Joker
Flickr User: Foden Alpha
The $6 Million Dollar Man
Flickr User: D70
The Phantom of the Opera?
Flicker User: Trialsmaster2
Cookie Monster!

Red Heads
Flickr User: Brandon Dy Tang

A-Team (1-7 were already taken?)

Manta; from the Marvel Universe
Flickr User: Chris Campbell
Dark Danger? Double Kanon Danger?

1960s Italian film about a fashion designer who has a whirlwind romance with a race car driver

Zebra Three is the radio code name given by the fictional "Bay City, California" police department to Starsky & Hutch in the 1970s television series

Zy is a beautiful girl that’s often quiet but can be misunderstood

The battle cry of the Priest unit in the historical real-time strategy game Age of Empires

The guy with seniority on James Bond

Bobo (the Clown

The Rat King!

Clark Griswald

James Bond in Goldeney on Nintendo 64

Bumblebee - the Autobot


Flickr User: Marcia and Mike Pedde

Arnie!  T-800!  The Terminator!

Who is that person driving?

A Japanese Manga series

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