2010 Winter Olympic Games License Plate
The Best Plate on Earth?

Every year the Automobile License Plate Collector's Association (ALPCA) holds a survey amongst its membership to determine the most highly regarded design, amongst collectors, issued during that calendar year, and which is then present with the "Best License Plate Award'.
CAPTION: Christopher Garrish's daughter shows off the new BC Olympics plate.  Her Dad writes about it in "O Canada"
In 2007, the BC Winter Games Plate (above) was nominated for ALPCA's prestegious "Best License Plate Award". The picture at right is taken from the issue of the club's magazine in which the plate was featured for the membership.

The BC Winter Olympic Games plate was nominated for the 2007 award, and, in this writer's highly biased estimation, found itself the cream of a surprisingly weak field - given that literally dozens (hundreds?) of new plate designs are issued each and every year by our American cousins.

Of course, there is no accounting for taste, so if you would like to see the nomination sheet for yourself, simply Click Here!

While I think the entries from Georgia, New Jersey, and Newfoundland are fairly pedestrian; that Ketucky's entry is rather drab and confusing; and that it may be wishful thinking on Arizona's part to expect voters to forgo allegiances to their own home teams to support the Diamonbacks (remember the Blue Jays in 2004) - I am only one voter.

Despite this having proved to be a very poor indicator of previous election outcomes (i.e. South Dakota, with 12 members or approximately 0.5% of the club's overall membership, won in 2006), it is interesting to know what sort of electoral heft each of the nominated States and Provinces will bring to the table on Super Tuesday (i.e. voting deadline day - March 4th, 2008). A quick review of the Roster has revealed the following figures:

- 101 voting members;
- 34 voting members;
- 81 voting members
- 28 voting members;
New Jersey
- 74 voting members;
British Columbia
- 26 voting members;
North Carolina
- 61 voting members;
- 14 voting members;
- 56 voting members;
- 2 voting members;
- 42 voting members;
- 2 voting members.
So, from the outset, the Olympic base is not starting from a position of strength, however, 82% of voting members reside in states other than those that have been nominated, meaning that the outcome is very much up in the air. Although a Canadian plate (i.e. NWT) won the first contest held in 1970, it has now been ten years since a Canadian issue last won the award (i.e. Manitoba in 1997), so my fingers are crossed that BC can bring home the Gold.
If I were a betting man, and if British Columbia were not in the competition, my top three finishers for 2007 would be; 1) Mississippi; 2) Michigan and 3) North Carolina, while my darkhorse candidate being Utah.

Unfortunately, my track record in making these types of predictions is rather mixed as I thought North Carolina's "Blue Ridge Parkway" was a dog, and therefore a safe place to park the 6 points associated with my second preference vote in 2004, and look what happened there, it finished 3rd, and right ahead of the BC Veteran plate! However, my third place vote that year (meaning the other one I thought would mount the least likely challenge to the Veteran) was Ontario's "Toronto Blue Jays" plate, and last is where it so deservedly did finish. Go figure...

Okay, so it was a wipe-out by Mississippi, but you know what really hurts?  That those stinkers in Utah beat us with their "Life Elevated / Greatest Snow on Earth" plate!
But, why? ... I can't process this outcome! ... There must be soemthing in the rule book about entering a plate with two slogans as that clearly represents an unfair advantage ... Why is the Utah DMV still peddling the "Greatest Snow on Earth" slogan anyways? It must recognise that BC is "The Best Place on Earth" ... My world just doesn't make sense anymore ...

1st - Mississippi
"General Issue"
(2,559 points)

2nd - Utah
"General Issue"
(1,394 points)

3rd - British Columbia
"Winter Olympic Games"
(1,159 points)

4th - Michigan
"Spectacular Peninsula"
(952 points)

5th - North Carolina
"Friends of the Smokies"
(863 points)

6th - Maine
(469 points)

7th - PEI
"General Issue"
(435 points)

8th - Georgia
"General Issue"
(191 points)

9th - New Jersey
"General Issue"
(187 points)

10th - Arizona
(186 points)

11th - Newfoundland
"General Issue"
(169 points)

12th - Kentucky
"Birthplace of Lincoln"
(156 points)

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