British Columbia Registration Decals

A special thanks must go to Glenvil Roberts in allowing for a reprinting of his material on forged decals in British Columbia to appear on this page. Without his contribution the section would not be possible.
The most notorious case of forgery occurred in 1996 when the situation came became so bad that ICBC was forced to issue a new coloured decal for registrations expiring in November and December of that year. Part of the problem was the simple colour scheme of black-on-white that was in use as it could easily be reproduced with the simplest of technologies (i.e. the photocopier at the local library). Pictured below are the initial black-on-white 1996 decal, an example of a fake decal that was designed on a home PC, printed off on a laser printer and then laminated, followed by the new pink decals that were issued towards the end of the year.
Forged 1996 Decal The initial Black-and-White colour scheme of the 1996 Decals The revised 1996 Pink-and-White Decal
This is a very weak at an attempt to forge a 1986 decal. The perpetrators simply pressed an Expo86 logo over a 1985 decal. This attempt landed the perpetrator in Provincial Court.
Similar to the 1996 reproductions, this example was created on a home PC and printed using an ink jet printer. Apart from the colours being a little off, British Columbia was not centered.
This 1999 forgery was created through the use of blue reflective tape cut into precise pieces, and arranged on the license plate. The registration numbers proved a bit more difficult
This forgery is a little misleading as it is actually a 1997 decal that was painted over to resemble the '99 edition. Unfortunately, the paint is too dense and does not reflect properly at night.
This paint-over was even less successful than the one pictured above. The original decal is a '98 which the forger tried to cover with a layer of cheap blue paint that obviously didn't withstand the driving conditions.
          Pictured below are a series of forged 2001 decals all found attached to the same license plate. Apparently the individual making these was not satisfied with his first three attempts, why he chose to leave them all one-on-top of the remains a mystery?
According to Dan Howlett's old site, this particular decal appeared as part of a hoax perpetrated upon the plate-collecting community by an individual now wanted by both the RCMP and ICBC.
According to Glenvil Roberts' site, this is a forged decal that was made via a scan of a legitimate 2003 decal issued by ICBC. I am surprised they were able to spot this one!


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