Opened on March 1, 2015, the Merritt Licence Plate Museum comprises approximately 1,200 British Columbia licence plates from the private collection of Don Schneider assembled over the past 30 years and including 10 one-of-a-kind plate types (i.e. early Public Works Department Plates) along with a near complete run of British Columbia Trailer plates (1921 to the present) and 70 plates from the Yukon.
The Merritt Licence Plate Museum is located in the City of Merritt in the Nicola Valley of British Columbia, Canada. To arrange a viewing, appointments can be scheduled by contacting Don Schneider at 1-250-378-6421 (no messages please), in writing to PO Box 1570, Merritt, BC, V1K-1B8, or by email at pl8s_ds@shaw.ca.
Due to the on-going provincial health emergency (Covid-19), viewing parties are currently being limited to no more than 2 persons.
Admission is by donation and, in the spirit of the museum, this can also be in the form of expired pre-1960 British Columbia licence plates (which will help to keep the museum operating).
When a British Columbia or Yukon licence plate collection is donated to the museum, donators would be recognized with a 5x8 plaque (supplied by the Museum).
Donation Fund!
Why a fund? Every time I finish showing the license plates, and other collectables, the one thing that most people ask is what's going to happen to all this when you die?
What I am hoping is the CIBC account that I have established to pay for basic utilities such as electric, gas, phone insurance and tax bills will continue to be paid after my death so there is no financial burden on my family.
One of my family heirs will still have the 380-378-6421 phone number to arrange for a tour of the Merritt License Plate Museum.
This fund is the only way that I can recognize the people that have donated and I have recognized with a brass plate. Thank you!

eTransfer: pl8s_ds@shaw.ca