Historic Numbers
License Plates & their Owners from the "pre-Provincial" Era

Robert Pim Butchart
Successful manufacturer of "Portland" cement, he and his wife Jenny founded Butchart Gardens in Victoria.
Issued Registration number 11, May 14, 1904.

Honourable William John Bowser
Attorney-General, and one of the most important cabinet ministers in Richard McBride's government, he also served as Premier from Dec. 1915 to Nov. 1916.
re-Issued Registration number 404, December 17, 1912 (would hold it till May 13, 1918)

Canadian Pacific Railways Hotel, Vancouver
Issued Registration number 511, July 31, 1909

Coldstream Estate Company Limited, Vernon
Development of the Coldstream Ranch ignited the land boom that reshaped the face of the Okanagan between 1892 to 1914. It was owned by Lord Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada 1893 -1898.
Issued Registration number 1055, July 14, 1910.

Honourable James Dunsmuir
Heir to the Dunsmuir mining interests on Vancouver Island, Premier of British Columbia from 1900 to 1902, and Lieutenant Governor 1906 to 1909.
Issued Registration number 4518, September 16, 1912.

Doukhobor Society
A group representing Russian Christians that initially settled in Saskatchewan before migrating to BC in 1908.
Issued Registration number 4820 from the Grand Forks office on November 4, 1912 for an Oscar Lear Truck.
Premier Richard McBride
The first native born British Columbian to become premier, his Conservative government ruled from 1903 to 1915.
Issued Registration number 5021, Janurary 27, 1913.

Photo Credits
Robert Pim Butchart: Union Club of British Columbia
John Bowser: Village of Rexton, New Brunswick
James Dunsmuir:
Doukhobor Society: Simon Fraser University
Richard McBride: Provincial Archives of British Columbia

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