British Columbia Registration Information
Unidentified Index
(BC Archives File No. GR-0665 / Volume 83)

A special thanks to the Royal BC Musuem & BC Archives for allowing the use of these photos,
which are of the Register which comprise part of the records of the Motor Vehicle Branch (File No. GR-0665, Volume No. 83).

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The Archives have this Index as being "unidentified". I have not yet had a chance to do an analysis of it yet, but am thinking it might be from a regional MVB office given the rather slender size of the book versus the number of vehicles that would have been registered in 1921 (if this is, in deed, the year it was used).

Names: "A"

(Page 1)

Names: "A-B"

(Page 2-3)

Names: "B"

(Page 4-5)

Names: "B"

(Page 6-7)

Names: "B-C"

(Page 8-9)

Names: "B"


Names: "C"

(Page 10-11)

Names: "C-D"

(Page 12-13)

Names: "C"


Names: "C"


Names: "D"

(Page 14-15)

Names: "E"

(Page 16-17)

Names: "E-F"

(Page 18-19)

Names: "F-G"

(Page 20-21)

Names: "F"


Names: "G-H"

(Page 22-23)

Names: "G"


Names: "H"

(Page 24-25)

Names: "H"
(Page 26-27)

Names: "I"

(Page 28-29)

Names: "J"

(Page 30-31)

Names: "J-K"

(Page 32-33)

Names: "K-L"

(Page 34-35)

Names: "L-M"

(Page 36-37)

Names: "L"


Names: "M"

(Page 38-39)

Names: "M"

(Page 40-41)

Names: "M"

(Page 42-43)

Names: "M"

(Page 44-45)

Names: "M-N"

(Page 46-47)

Names: "N-O"

(Page 48-49)

Names: "P"

(Page 50-51)

Names: "P"

(Page 52-53)

Names: "P-R"

(Page 54-55)

Names: "R"

(Page 56-57)

Names: "R-S"

(Page 58-59)

Names: "S"

(Page 60-61)

Names: "S"

(Page 62-63)

Names: "S-T"

(Page 64-65)

Names: "T"

(Page 66-67)

Names: "U"

(Page 68-69)

Names: "V"

(Page 70-71)

Names: "W"

(Page 72-73)

Names: "W"

(Page 74-75)

Names: "W"

(Page 76-77)

Names: "Z"

(Page 78-79)


(Page 80)


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