British Columbia Registration Information
Index to Registration Nos. 1 - 2,739
(BC Archives File No. GR-0665 / Volume 6)

A special thanks to the Royal BC Musuem & BC Archives for allowing the use of these photos,
which are of the Register which comprise part of the records of the Motor Vehicle Branch (File No. GR-0665, Volume No. 6).

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The pages listed below are from a Register that provides an alphabetic index to the persons or companies that were registered to vehicles.

While the finding aid at the BC Archives does not date the years for which this Index was used, we here at have strong reason to suspect it corresponds to the period 1904 to 1911 when the original Act to regulate the speed and operation of Motor Vehicles on Highways was in operation.

One of the hints is the style of hand-writing used to record the enteries in this Index with that used to record the same entries in Volume 4.

There is also an interesting list of "Numbers Not Indexed Cancelled" on the left side of Page 1, which, when cross-referenced against Volume 4 generally corresponds to numbers that were crossed out with red ink and not re-issued again until after the passage of the new An Act to regulate the Use and Operation of Motor-vehicles in early 1911.

Names: "A"

(Page 1)

Names: "A-B"

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Names: "B"

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Names: "B-C"

(Page 4)

Names: "C"

(Page 5)

Names: "C-D"

(Page 6)

Names: "D"

(Page 7)

Names: "E"

(Page 8)

Names: "E"

(Page 9)

Names: "F"

(Page 10)

Names: "F"

(Page 11)

Names: "G"

(Page 12)

Names: "G"

(Page 13)

Names: "H"

(Page 14)

Names: "H"

(Page 15)

Names: "H-I"

(Page 16)


(Page 17)

Names: "J"

(Page 18)

Names: "K"

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Names: "L"

(Page 20)

Names: "L"

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Names: "M"

(Page 22)

Names: "M"

(Page 23)

Names: "M"

(Page 24)

Names: "M"

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Names: "N"

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Names: "O"

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Names: "P"

(Page 28)

Names: "P"

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Names: "Q"

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Names: "R"

(Page 31)

Names: "R"

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Names: "S"

(Page 33)

Names: "S"

(Page 34)

Names: "S-T"

(Page 35)

Names: "T"

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Names: "U"

(Page 37)

Names: "V"

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Names: "W"

(Page 39)

Names: "W"

(Page 40)

Names: "W-Y"

(Page 41)

Names: "Z"

(Page 42)


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